Sound Mountain Sound Effects Service
SOUND MOUNTAIN provides customized sound effects for movies, games and art installations. Founded by ANN KROEBER, a Sound Designer, Effects Editor and Recordist with over 30 years of experience, who has recorded and or supplied sounds for 13 films that have either won or been nominated for Academy Awards® in Sound. read more >>

“Ann Kroeber has a unique ability to provide one-of-a-kind sound effects. Both as a recordist, and as the knowledgeable gatekeeper of a vast, renowned library, Ann has given me great sounds that lead to great ideas. When we are searching for something nobody’s heard before, Ann can help us find it.”

Gary Rydstrom (Winner 7 Academy Awards/sound)

“Discovery of Sound Mountain is like finding a new star cluster within the Star Wars Universe. Ann offered unique original audio from which I designed many new and fascinating Star Wars aliens and machines.”

Ben Burtt (Winner 4 Academy Awards/sound)

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SOUND MOUNTAIN Sound Effects heard in these Academy
Award winning (or nominated) films for Best Sound: