Sound Mountain Sound Effects Service
Ann Kroeber

Sound Mountain provides customized sound effects for movies, games and art installations. It was founded by Ann Kroeber, a Sound Designer, Effects Editor and Recordist with over 30 years of experience. She has recorded and or supplied sounds for 13 films that have either won or been nominated for Academy Awards® in Sound.

Ann was the partner of the late Alan Splet who was ground-breaking in his craft. Their evocative use of ambient sounds helped revolutionize the way we hear movies. Together they created a large and venerable sound archive that is still growing.

There are many sound libraries available but this one is unrivaled in its quality and depth. Ann works with her clients to come up with sounds that can’t be found in a catalog and uses her experiences and gifts as an artist to help enhance the mood, meaning and feeling of a project through sound.

You can see video interviews here with Carroll Ballard, Peter Weir and Phillip Kaufman about Alan Splet, including film clips of Alan and Ann’s work.

The Sound Service

Ann develops a report with her client, over the phone or Skype. By finding out the specific needs, and possibly looking at sample film clips, they both discuss the amount of time needed, the scope and budget of the project, and work out a figure that she and her client feels is fair and reasonable. She makes suggestions and sends helpful material from her archive.